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Clinical presentation
Clin. aproach to ivestig. and menag. of UTI
Cortical scintigraphy in urinary tract infection
Cystigraphy in urinary tract infection
Vesicourethral reflux (VUR)
The grading systems for vesicourethral eflux
Detection of vesicourethral reflux
Micturating cystourethrography (MCUG)
Radionucleotide cystography (RNC)
Direct radionuclide cystography (DRC)
Indirect radionuclide cystography (IRC)
Dynamic renal scintigraphy in UTI
Practical problems in pediatric nucl.med.
Dose schedule
Imobilisation/ sedation


Nuclear medicine .studies of renal investigation have gained popularity because of their relative speed, simplicity and ability to estimate split renal function. These factors are particularly important in the paediatric population in whom studies which are noninvasive and associated with minimal risk and discomfort are advantageous such in the assessment of urinary tract infection. Radionuclide studies of the kidney provide a simple noninvasive method of estimating total and individual renal function [13]. 99mTc DMSA is useful in evaluation split renal function, to distinguish between acute pyelonephritis and cystitis, and to assess changes in function and development of scarring over the time. while radionuclide cistography has proven to be a sensitive indicator of reflux [21]. Diuretic renography is commonly performed in children with hydronephrosis, providing noninvasive quantitative information on the degree of obstruction and renal function.

Adequate preparation, pleasant surroundings adapted to children, relaxed atmosphere where parents and children are made to feel welcome by experienced and dedicated personnel are the most important conditions for obtaining scans of high technical quality [22].


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