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6t International Congress of the WIAMH

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 13 – 15, 1999.


Vladimir PREMEC

Faculty of Philosophy of the Sarajevo University, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the year of 1945, a change of authority system happened in the area of former Yugoslavia. I have memorised all traumatic contents that had marked my childhood. The underlined is the aura of HOLINESS. Scorning of religion by the regime, destruction of religious symbols – crosses and chapels built by the road in my home place, humiliation of the priests and the PHENOMENON in forbiddance to believe in different forms of repression have lethally influenced the consciousness and the awareness of the inhabitants in the village where I was born. Mental health of the people who were directly elected by the government to take part in atheistic stigmatisation of that time, is known to me through preaches and my personal experience. It is my intention to DESCRIBE and present this problem as a witness of time.

Key words: Holiness – Phenomenon of Forbiddance – Right to Believe

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