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6th International Congress of the WIAMH

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 13 - 15, 1999.



Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, Sarajevo University, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Concentration of classic stresses during the siege of Sarajevo, from 1992 to 1995, has surely created in its synthesis the SRESSOR x, whose complexity leads to secret non-determination. The range of beliefs has determined recognisable phenomenon of resistance to FEAR and SENSELESS through various forms of behaviour among the citizens of Sarajevo. Rational strategy of destruction and disaster with a chronological start has created a non-understandable resistance marked by HOPE. The UNKNOWN calendar end of the struggle in Sarajevo and Bosnia had determined mental state of the jeopardised citizens through their hope in resolution, releasing the awakened FAITH in the justice of the God, the power of need for ESTEEM towards the victims. In that way, it had visibly exposed up-to-then invisible forms of MUTUAL REVERENCE. I will support the given stands by the EVENTS from the town in siege, full of hope and faith as a mark of MENTAL status of parents whose children were killed in the war.


Key words: Hope – Believing – Sarajevo under Siege

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