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6th International Congress of the WIAMH

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 13 – 15, 1999.


Ljiljana MORO

Clinic of Psychiatry, KBC Rijeka, Universtity of Rijeka, 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia

Since its very beginning, the religion has had an enlightening role and a great influence on the populace. Such influence is today seen with the mass media – i.e. when one wrong information goes into ether, it is very difficult to decrease its effect. We believe that everything that passes through the filters is correct and that it is a necessity for us to hear it. The authority – some who stands behind it and who is responsible for it sent that message. The same is the perception of a priest. The priest is person whose statements are correct and confirmed, because he is the God’s person. The influence of a priest in a crisis situation is unusually important (example – Bishop Komarica). The priest in a crisis situation directs the participants toward solutions for instinctual pulsing – most often of an aggressive nature. Therefore, I wish to underline the importance of selection of people for the profession of a priest. Their influence on youth is indubitable. During that period, a final opinion of authorities and acceptance of others who are not the same. Solution of aggressive tendencies during this period of development is a model upon which one will solve aggressive tendencies in its maturity; or whether one will be able to accept those who are different; whether one will have an open door for research and findings of the world – believing that one will be accepted by the environment always as a human being. Therefore, if an adolescent enters that period with a good trust in the humankind, he or she will be better prepared to receive aggressive pulsing during the crisis period, will be able to control them and to try establishing a dialog instead of letting him or herself under the feeling of being jeopardised or under activity of regressive mechanisms of defence. Aggressive pulsing is an unavoidable part of human nature and they can be shaped during the development, according to religious and cultural fundaments of a certain environment.

Crisis and a Large Group. In every crisis, a large group means a group to which I belong and which will protect me. A religious group with a national group in a crisis situation is the most secure tent to which we run. The research by the Centre for Thoughts and Human Interactions of the Virginia University, have shown the importance of the model for resolving of rivalry within the family and that our relation towards our relatives is transmitted from one to another generation. Namely, if we are able to share our mother with our siblings with no existential jeopardy and fear for survival, then we have all possibilities to accept others with their differences during our development without being jeopardised. This is best seen in reactions we show as members of a large group. What is the significance that we give to various anniversaries and traditions of our neighbours? Do those anniversaries and traditions awake the feeling of unpleasantness within us? If they do awake unpleasant and fearful emotions, then we will soon create the lines of separations and marks for our large group. So, a chosen feast of one large group (or chosen trauma) reminds the other group – the one that is different – on a mutual event, which then leads to unfriendliness. Having in mind the possibility of trans-generation transmitting of trauma – even the one that might have taken place 500 years ago – we consider that the priests with their ability to influence the populace, should have the influence on members of the community in their relation towards the chosen traumatic event – through solution of trans-generation chosen trauma and feasts.

Key words:Trauma – Trans-generation Transmitting- A Large Group – The Role of Priests – Crisis Situations - Instinctual Pulsing


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