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6th International Congress of the WIAMH

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 13-15, 1999.



71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

While analysing all what happened during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina it is inconceivable not to stress a Bosniak woman – the victim of rape – the victim of aggression. A woman who carried out this genocide war on her shoulders, a Bosniak woman who experienced all possible humiliations from Chetniks and Ustashas. The aggressors did not choose the age, authority, origin; the aggressors destroyed everything they came across, from an innocent child – seven years old to an old woman of 87. The terror over the Bosniak woman has been conducted through a well thought-out plan, since they were aware that if they break her, the Bosniak woman, if they kill her soul and her body, the whole nation would be killed – and this is what was the only goal of theirs. The Bosniak woman withstood all tortures invented by the aggressor, She – proud, with her head raised she continued to live the life she has lived earlier. The only aim for her was to give birth again, to bring up her future children so as to remember well what their mother, sister, grand-mother did experience – not for the revenge, but not to forget the evil done by the aggressor with the aim to exterminate them. The Bosniak woman will carry with her while the trauma of rape as the most disgusting act she had ever experienced since she, as a Bosniak girl was brought-up in a different way. Her innocence must be saved, as they spoke to her, for her beloved husband, to whom she will be devoted, whose home she will take care and whom she will follow closely. But, it was destined to be in another way: she had to give birth to a child who was conceived in the most shameful manner, by force, under threats, by beating. She frequently was watching her being raped in the presence of her close relatives, with whom she is now living. But, there happened what did happen; she steps further on proud, since according to Islam she was not guilty for what did happen to her by force. She is further on the pride and the future of her country, her state, her Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Key words: Woman – Victim – Rape

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