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Dear colleagues,

It is both my great pleasure and honor to invite you on behalf of the School of Dentistry, University in Sarajevo, the Dental Association of B&H, Dental Chamber ofF B&H, and on my personal behalf, to contribute, by your presence and participation, to this outstanding event of utmost significance for dental medicine in B&H: The 1sT DENTAL CONGRESS OF B&H WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION. During these four days of the Congress, we shall have the opportunity of listening to the presentations on the latest achievements in all the disciplines of dental medicine as given by well known and recognized lecturers who will be, upon the invitation of the Organizational Committee, speaking on the topic Modern Achievements in Dental Medicine with Practical Output. All our colleagues, who may be interested, will be given the opportunity to take an active part in Congress with their oral or poster presentations.
All the necessary information can be found in booklet and Bulletin of the Dentists of B&H, 2000 v 3 No 9. The exhibition of dental-medicine materials and equipment is another important integral part of the Congress that will be organized during this expert and scientific event. We would like, using this opportunity, to invite all the interested companies to present their programs to the dental medicine public in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a unique chance. Dental medicine in one place.
Please, send your applications to the Organizational Committee in time. The venue for all the Congress activities and exhibitions will be the facilities of the School of Dentistry and Medical School.
We sincerely hope that you will join us in October 2001 in Sarajevo It is our wish to welcome you in our traditional and hospitable manner

Prim dr Savo Vlaški Prof dr sci Halid Sulejmanagić

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