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Prof. Hajrija Selesković MD, associate Professor

This text book resulted from enormous effort, respectabile knowledge and hudge experience of all deserving, persistent and productive Prof. Jasenko Karamehic MD, Prof. Zehra Dizdarevic MD, and 45 authors of different specialities, associates from B&H, prestigious american Universities Yale and Harvard and Croatia. As authors mentioned in Introduction, thay accepted challenge of writing the text book in one of the most complicated part of medicine, clinical immunology, which developed from humble begins to now days more than enviable level of development.

Clinical immunology is one of pioneer all embracing text books from that area, on territory of ex country and Balkans. It is written on 816 pages A4 format, and through basic and clinical/ special part logicaly exposed in 5 parts and 42 chapters with 194 images, 149 charts, 22 graphic charts, and with few thousand "fresh" references, index and appendix of color photographies.

Book is devided in 5 sections: Basic immunology, Autoimune desease, Clinical Immunology, Transplantation immunology and Immune Laboratory Metodes.

Opinion of manuscript
Text book of Clinical Immunology pragmatically elaborate recent achievement in basic and clinical immunology, ethiopatogenesis od desease deveopment, which results with immunological desease with tendency to detact symptoms as soon as possible and starts treatment to prevent destruction of the organic sistems and tissues in early stage of the desease.

Organ transplantation, one of the most comprehensive chapters of this book, is highlighted not only from medical but also from ethical aspect, as well as difficulties in this area for all participants in the transplantation team in preparing of donor and patient for transplantation, which is additional quality of the book.

Relevant and updated literature which embrace major number of recent references, is quoted after each chapter of this excellent book, which consider the most important issues on this problem in world and in our coutry. Since new data are revealed fast in this area, used literature involve latest references and basic literature. That allows, interested reading audience to find best data in any immunological problem, and to find the way to enlarge thair knowledge.

Conclusion and judgment
Manuscript "Clinical Immunology" by author Prof. Jasenko Karamehić MD and Prof. Zehra Dizdarević MD and associates, satisfy the criteria of the university book and totally accomplish demands of educative-scientific literature in immunology. Authors accepted hard assignment to exstensive and very complex matter of immunological process, explain in very acceptable ant totally understandable way, introducing the reader gradually to basic knowledge in basic immunology, to clinical manifestations of desease, diagnoses and
treatment of the deseases in early stage of the disease, before structural changes of affected organs and tissues.
Using fluent and understandable language and explaining complicated processes of immunological events in human body, they succeeded to adjusted, the subtle processes of immunological respond and disorders, to the reader. Introduced data infiltrate in molecular structure of vairous component of immunological response, and in clinical significance of various component and reactions which take place in body (organism) in normal processes body defence as well as in specific desease, than diagnostic possibilities of technics of verification this complicated disorders and possibilities of treatment of deseases.

Top level experts and excellent pedagogue participated in this text book and with thair accessible style explained this sophisticated matter to wide auditorium, specialities of all areas of medicine, as well as pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, biologists and pregraduated and postgraduated students. Educators and associates will have manuscript which will make education and practical exercise easier.

This book is primarily intend for those medical experts who deal with clinical implications of disturbed immunological response. However, immunology like pharmacology, specialy clinical, is conected with all parts of medicine and it will be very importat for all profiles of pregraduated and postgraduated students for all parts of medicine so I warmly recomend it to all interested readers.

It is pleasure for me to recomend this manuscript for publishing as university literature.

Tuzla, January, 2007.
Hajrija Selesković MD, PhD, associate Professor.


English: • Sadržaj knjige
• Preface • Predgovor
• Recencion: Prof. Hajrija Selesković MD • Recenzija: Prof dr Hajrija Selesković
• Recencion: Prof. Ekrem Ajanović MD • Recenzija: Prof dr Ekrem Ajanović
• Recencion: Prof. Mirko Grujić MD • Recenzija: Prof dr Mirko Grujić
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• Sadržaj knjige
• Predgovor
• Recenzija: Prof dr Hajrija Selesković
• Recenzija: Prof dr Ekrem Ajanović
• Recenzija: Prof dr Mirko Grujić
• Autori
• Detalji sa promocije
• Preface
• Recencion: Prof. Hajrija Selesković MD
• Recencion: Prof. Ekrem Ajanović MD
• Recencion: Prof. Mirko Grujić MD


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