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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


J. Bergsland, E. Kabil, H.L. Karamanoukian, E. Mujanović and S. Scmid.
Buffalo General Hospital, Cardiovascular Clinic, University Clinical Center Tuzla, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Purpose: This study reviewed with off-pump coronary bypass surgery (OPCAB) in an established US center and new cardiac center in Bosnia developed in co-operation with our institution.
Methods: patients operated with OPCAB were included and result for mortality and morbidity compared. Median sternotomy was used in almost cases. Heart positioning was achieved with the "Single Suture Technique" and topical stabilisation with pressure-type equipment. Transit time flow measurements were used for graft verification. Data was collected according to NY-state rules (Buffalo) and ECSUR standards (Tuzla).
Results: Patients operated in the two canters during the study period were different in preoperative risk-profile, high in Buffalo and low in Bosnia, Nonetheless, OPCAB results were excellent in both centers comparing favourably to patients operated with cardiopulmonary bypass.
Conclusion: The results suggest that all patients needing myocardial revascularisation are candidates for OPCAB, especially in high-risk patients and in countries where cost-effectiveness is crucial.

Keywords: Myocardial revascularisation; Off-pump; Complications; Mortality.

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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