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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


E. Kurtalić, M. Dilić, S. Pehar and D. Kočo .
Institute of Vascular Diseases, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Introduction: In our daily work, we have noticed that many patients with deep venous thrombosis (DVT) have some clinical or laboratory findings of anaemia, compared to some other groups of patients. In the literature, we have found only small number of articles describing relationships between DVT and anaemia. Objective: The aim of our work was to exactly check and evaluate relationships between DVT and anemia compared with control group. Methods and material: We have take laboratory findings from patients with DVT treated in our clinic in period 12/1999-12/2000. Total count of patients was 88 (M 47, F 41). Average age was 55 with SD 14,99. We have compared this data with the same data from control group. As control group, wa have take randomized group of patients with periferal vascular disease (PVD) with the total count of 79 patients. We also analysed some clinical variables, such location of thrombosis, concomitant malignant disease, recurrent character of thrombosis, response to therapy and other, to see if there are in some way related with anemia. Results: We had 41 patients with iliacofemoral thrombosis, 41 patients with crural thrombosis, 4 patients with brachio-subclavial thrombosis and 2 patients with jugular thrombosis. 31 patients (40%) in group with DVT should be considered, in various extents, as anaemic. On the other side, in the control group (patients with PVD), only 7 patients (8 %) were anaemic.
Conclusion: We have found that, compared with the patients with PVD, significantly higher percent of patients with DVT is considered to be anemic.

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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