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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


M. Kulić, V. Velebit, S. Pandur, F. Kučukalić and M. Bukša
Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Intraoperative TEE us a useful method for surgical repair of diseased valves and for evaluation of LV function. It has got its value particularly when repairing diseased valves which is favourable operation due to its better survival rate, better ventricular function and fewer thromboembolic complications. Most commonly valve repair is performed in patients with mitral and tricuspid valve disease although reparative procedures have been described for all valve positions. We selected 15 patients monitored by TEE in the operating room. All patients were operated between May 1999 and September 2000 at the Clinic of cardiac Surgery in Sarajevo. They all went through pre-operative preparations at the Clinic of Cardiology. 40% of patients had solely mitral valve disease while others had different multivalvular diseases. We were following ASE/SACA guidelines for intraoperative examination, using multiplane TEE probe. In all cases Siemens TEE probe type MPT-4 and Siemens ultrasound machine Versa Plus were used. Conclusion: Intraoperative TEE proved to be very useful in determination of the nature and severity of the valve disorder, in assessment of the urgency and feasibility of valve repair and in planning the surgical procedure. In case of poor surgical reparation, intraoperative TEE is the first method of choice in monitoring the process of valve reparation and in estimating the time for valve replacement. Keywords: Intraoperative TEE, Surgical repairs.

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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