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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


.D. Huml and M. Beus-Huml
PI HH - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For an individual approximation of the pressure overload heart disease in ambulatory and/or polyclinical conditions probably the most important matter is the normal values assessing of the noninvasive cardiologic parameters in the left ventricular structure and function.Only by that means one could escape the traps in sense of the real disturbance (non)revealing or the artificial deviations in the pump heart function.If one wish to follow up exactly the treatment results then it is necessery to reveleal the indices of cascade disturbances, the first of all - these in the diastolic lusitropy, as those in the inotropic heart function.A hemodynamic type definition of the pressure overload heart disease has the practical significance in an individual approximation and a regular choice of the therapeutic procedure.An arterial hypertension treatment by the certain drugs could have the so called side or unwished effects without a respect to the fact that a blood pressure decreases (SIC). An aim of antihypertensive treatment must be an objective benefit in the lusitorpic as in the inotropic heart function, and/or one could not alow the patient income in a reduced compliance phase or in an extreme heart failure with the chambers diastolic disturbance.On the other hand, it is important a patient monitoring «in tractu» and a corretion «in situ» of the risc factors for the heart and the blood vessels by a diet and medicamentous procedures, including a plant therapy, too, as the better living quality and the life style changing if it is necessary and possoble, respectively. A clear conclusion could be that it comes a time of «the standardised evaluation in the pressure overload heart disease» according to an unic computer program with a common consensus of the noninvasive cardiologists and medical practitioners in "our" rooms

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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