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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


A. Alikadić1, M. Dilić2, D. Kočo2, E.Kurtalić2 and A. Mlaćo2
Ophtalmologhy Clinic1, Institute of Vascular Diseases2, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Background: it is well known that atherosclerosis as systemic disease have a significant correlation with score of multiple risk factors (sMRF) and intima-.media thickness (IMT) of magistral arteries, i.e. common carotid, brachial, and common femoral. Atherosclerosis as a multifocal disease, has multisegmental stenotic changes of various arterial segments as a preexisting asymptomatic disease but also microvascular changes occurs. Aim of this article is to compared retinal changes as a "mirror" of microvascular system and its correlation with staging of arterial occlusive disease (AOD). Method: we enrolled a group of pts.with AOD of various clinicala stages, total of 43 pts. (27 male, and 16 females, with average age of 61 yrs. with SD of 9,7). With Fontaine stage II (group A) we had 25 pts. (58,2%), and with Fontaine stage III/IV (group B) we had 18 pts. (41,9%). We have made examination of fundus, score of clinical variables (MRF), and comapare this values with clinical stage of AOD, Fontaine II, or Fontaine III/IV. Results: retinal changes had in the Fontaine stage II group 18 pts. (72%), borderline changes 3 pts. (12%), and no changes in 4 pts. In Fontaine stage III/IV group 11 pts. had retinal changes (61%), borderline changes had 3 pts. (16,6%), and no changes in 4 pts. An overall score of MTF was 4,2, in A group 4,5, and 4,1 in B group. Conclusions: we evaluated a significantly risk group of pts, all with AOD of various clinical stages. We found correlation of retinal changes, score of MRF, and clinical stage of AOD. Correlation in group A is r= .47, p<0,014, and in group B r=.0,52, p<0,012. Fundus examination can be of predictive value especially in asymptomatic stage of AOD.

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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