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Second Congress of Cardiology and Angiology of Bosnia & Herzegovina


M. Begić
Cantonal Hospital Zenica, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Several questions were asked about pain as a diagnosis of nurse: is an acute pain diagnosis of the nurse or it needs team work is an acute pain etiologically factor for some other reaction previously treated by nurse is a pain summary of nurses diagnoses embracing several of actual diagnoses or high-risk diagnoses The answers for of all those questions could be positive, depending of situation. For example: In nursing of patient with acute myocardial infarction, data should be collected about possible worsening of patients condition or possible complications, performing some procedures (opiate analgesia prescript by physician) and in addition doing usual nursing interventions-relation to patient or patient education. Role of nurse as described previously, imply that acute pain is problem for medical team. Some of numerous problems solved by nurse itself are also diagnoses of nurse. For example: inability for taking care of oneself, inability of moving, hypoventilation, disturbances of sleeping.

Drugi kongres kardiologa i angiologa Bosne i Hercegovine
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